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Microscopes Optika from Italy with 5 year warranty, order now ...


Microscope Primo Star  Carl Zeiss is being produced  by MOTIC  ....

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Special software for micoscopic images MOTIC - demo version from www.nfsbg.com ! 

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Everything, that is connected with the lightings for photography and television, you can find on the of site of 



 MOTIC, China

Motic precise microscopes and digital cameras Moticam for microscopy shotting.

 Monocular, binocular and threenocular classic microscopes, microscopes for education, modular microscopes, multifunctional microscopes, inverted microscopes, biological microscopes, clinical microscopes, microscopes for veterinary surgeons, fluorescent microscopes, stereo microscopes, zoom stereo microscopes, digital microscopes, laboratory and testing microscopes, microscopes with industrial application, for observation with polarizing illumination in a light and in a dark field, with phase contrast, fluorescence, microscopes with optic systems reflected in infinity, precise lenses for vertical and inverted microscopes and with wide working distance, microscopes with reflected and transmitted light, with halogen and led illuminators.

 Moticam digital cameras  USB and FireWare CMOS and CCD 1,3Mp, 2,0Mp,3,1Mp, 5,0Mp, with possibility of sensor cooling. Special enclosures for presentations and direct sending of the image to de projector.


 OPTIKA, Italy

Exellent microscopes Optika and digital cameras Optikam and Digi kits for microscopic shotting.

Product list of OPTIKA download here...

Microscopes for education, material science, inverted microscopes, biological microscopes, monocular, binocular and threenocular optic microscopes, microscopes for veterinary clinics, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscope, zoom stereo microscopes, digital microscopes USB, laboratory and testing microscopes, microscopes with industrial application, for observation with polarizing illumination in a light and in a dark field, with phase contrast, fluorescence with ledv, microscopes with optic systems rectified in infinity, microscopes with reflected and transmitted light, with halogen, LED and cooled illuminators.

 Optikam digital microscopic cameras USB and  CMOS sensors 0,6Ìð.,1,3Mp, 2,0Mp,3,1Mp, 5,0Mp. Classic digital cameras with adaptors for microscopy shotting. Enclosured software for processing and analysis.


 JENOPTIK, Germany

 Precise digital cameras ProgRes for observing and shotting with microscope, for quality control and cataloguing of data.

 Optical-electronic modules for shotting with high resolution to 11Ìð, for integration in shotting systems, protection, monitoring and other.



 Digital cameras INFINITY for microscopes, quality control and cataloguing of data.

 Industrial cameras for observing and control, ID fotocameras. Cameras with big CCD's size – 24x36mm, for shotting with high resolution to 11Ìð.

 Specialized cameras for observatories and shotting of sky objects in the astronomy.

Lumenera digital cameras for microscopes are film stars. Please, see a short scene of popular criminal serial!

Lumenera is film star 


 DeltaPix, Denmark

Digital cameras Invenio D è Invenio S for microscopes quality control and cataloguing of data.

 Macrostands and auto focus for microscopes.



Specialized software and systems for analysing of images in the medicine, biology, genetics, geology, material science, criminology and other fields.

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